Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is what i've become

My heart rate keeps slowing
As the clock’s hands keep going

My mind is on you-
But you’re nowhere to be found

Trying not to think about you-
Because you’re nowhere to be found

You’ve broken another promise;
I stopping thinking of what you’ve said.
I’ll just continue to busy myself,
While trying keep you out of my head.

My mind slowly reels back,
Of time is what I’m starting to lose track-

So until you decide,
I’ll sit here and lie

Telling myself that you’re worth the wait.

My mind starts to shut down,
And I feel myself kiss the ground.

You’re the one who killed me;
There’s no way to deny my strife-
I was perfectly fine,
Until you came and changed my life.

My mind is now off-
Blackness surrounds me like a void.
My mind aches for relief,
My life isn’t something that can be toyed.

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